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Krantz Furniture is located in the Burrows Block, which is included in the National Register of HistoricPlaces. The Burrows Block was build by Lorenzo and Roswell Burrows a few years after the Erie Canal was opened. At that time, the canal was the main mode of transportation, and there were at least 6 storefronts that faced the canal. The Burrows Block was purchased in 1958 by Henry Krantz. At that time, the bottom floor of the building was occupied by several different businesses. In 1972 Henry decided to make use of one of the storefronts that became vacant, and clear out some “old stuff” he had accumulated. His intention was to use the space for a month, sell his “old stuff” and rent the space. He had such a good time selling his “old stuff” he kept buying more “old stuff” that he expanded into each storefront that became available. Today Krantz Furniture occupies the entire first floor of the Burrows Block. We carry many well know manufacturers and offer friendly hometown service. Drop in and visit us!

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Ginger our new puppy born April 2016

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